About Steem Whales

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What is Steem ?

STEEM is a crypto-currency using blockchain technology, with no transactions fee. The best-selling feature of STEEM compared to other crypto-currencies is allowing users to earn coins by posting or upvoting blog articles published onto the blockchain.

You can visit or join the STEEM Social Network on steemit.com. STEEM is supported by many cryptocurrency exchanges and can be quickly converted into Bitcoin.

What are Whales ?

Steem users are often referred as whales, dolphins, minnows or other-sized sea creatures based on their STEEM Power, which represents the strength of their votes. The Blue Whale is the largest animal not only in the sea but in the world.

Blue Whale
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What is Steem Whales ?

This website tracks and collects information about the STEEM crypto-currency Network. Currently 77388 accounts are being monitored. We strive to provide useful data or features that are not available through a normal node connection.

The website was created by @heimindanger on 20th June 2016.

1 STEEM = $ 0.66380
Steemians Tracked: 77388
total_vesting_shares: 370100589151.708600
total_vesting_fund_steem: 178591453.747
steem_per_mvests: 482.54841786754